How Not To Lose Things In Ball Pits!

How Not To Lose Things In Ball Pits!

” for peace of mind to ensure your things are kept safe! “

How Not To Lose Things In Ball Pits!

We’re all guilty of losing things in ball pits! here are our top tips to keeping your valuables safe whilst at the ball pits!

Make sure to empty your pockets

It’s all too easy to lose things in a ball pot from your pocket, the most common lost items we come across are keys, phones, and coins. Ensure you remove any valuable items from your pockets before jumping into the ball pit!

Protect your belongings with a pouch

Using a good quality pouch can help you to protect your belongings, whilst a bag may be too big to carry around the ball pit, a small sturdy pouch or bum bag can easily be attached to you for peace of mind to ensure your things are kept safe!

Leave your items with a member of staff

Some venues may have lockers or a safe space to leave your items in. its best to place your valuables here so there is no risk of losing them in the balls.

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