Fun Ways To Play With Ball Pit Balls!

Fun Ways To Play With Ball Pit Balls!

“They are light and soft, so you know your child won’t hurt themselves or break anything”

Fun Ways To Play With Ball Pit Balls!

Throw & Catch 

These balls are great for little ones to practice their throwing and catching skills. They are light and soft, so you know your child won’t hurt themselves or break anything (touch wood).

Colour Hunt

Have the balls scattered on the floor and ask your toddler to grab the ‘yellow ball’ or ‘blue ball’, extend their learning by asking them to find 1-3 things of the same colour. You can also get some coloured card/paper and get your little one to find the balls that match each colour.

Muffin Tray

Your toddler will love putting balls into the muffin tray and taking them out. You can also use jelly cups, and cupcake cases – they are the perfect size for these balls.

Counting/ Alphabet

Write numbers on the balls with a marker pen and practice counting and number recognition. Alternatively, write letters on the balls (capitals one side and lower case on the other) – great for letter recognition, and spelling their name or words.

Colour Sorting Game

Minne-Mama made this adorable Colour Toss Activity for her son – perfect for ‘bean bag toss’ (hand-eye co-ordination) or ‘ball-pit balls’ (colour sorting). What a brilliant idea!

Do you love or loathe ball-pit balls? If you love them, what do you do? If you loathe them, will you give these activities a go? Go on – your toddler will LOVE you for it.

Leave a comment down below letting us know your favourite ball pit activities! 🙂

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