Ball Pits In Pop Culture!

Ball Pits in Pop Culture!

” the ghost of a child who died in a ball pit haunts a local Ikea-like store “

Ball Pits in Pop Culture!

In China Miéville’s short story The Ball Room(Looking for Jake), the ghost of a child who died in a ball pit haunts a local Ikea-like store.

In the Johnny Bravo episode “Johnny Meets Donny Osmond,” Donny pushes Johnny into a fast-food ball pit, where he comes across a young boy who claims to have been there since the age of five.

In the Rugrats episode “Piggy’s Pizza Palace”, the Rugrats jump on a costumed pig named Piggy as an act of revenge to get Angelica’s tickets back. It causes the ball pit structure to split right open, and all of the balls fall out all over the restaurant.

In season 3 episode 14 (“The Einstein Approximation”) of the TV seriesThe Big Bang Theory, Sheldon seeks inspiration in a ball pit at a mall, and then hides from Leonard, who spends a good amount of time and effort trying to retrieve Sheldon from the ball pit.

In 2014, a YouTube vlogger under the name Roman Atwood made a video of transforming the living room of his home into a massive ball pit, intended as a prank for his girlfriend who has returned from a trip. He later collaborates with another vlogger, Freddie Wong, to create a comedy video involving giant ball pit and “ball monster” prank .

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