Top 5 Unique Events We’ve Worked

Top 5 Unique Events We’ve Worked

“ball filled pool ready for Tom Daley to dive straight into”

Top 5 Unique Events We’ve Worked

We have had an exciting few years working around the country, ranging from filling a bar with 200,000 to watching them being played in on Celebrity Juice! This week we’ve decided to share some of our favourite unique events we’ve had the pleasure of doing, you’ll see why a ball pit is definitely a necessity in life.

Celebrity Juice – ITV

The very popular ITV2 game show celebrity juice hosted by Keith Lemon really did play with our balls and what an episode that was! During the show they filled a room with 40,000 multicoloured balls and hid items in them for the teams to find. Fearne’s team took on the challenge and showed us what it’s like to be drowning in balls.


The very popular retailer ASOS used our balls for something a little different, and we must say this should definitely be made compulsory in every work place. ASOS hired our ball pit and balls for a number of days to use for their own staff to take a break, have a play and stimulate their minds. Imagine taking your lunch break in a ball pit, it’s a yes from us!


We never thought we’d see the day where Facebook would ask to use our balls – crazy right. The hugely successful social media brand hired our balls to help promote their brand in an innovative way which is definitely a great way to engage with more people in a fun way!


Imagine walking into a trainer store and taking your pick of shoe from a ball pit, well that’s exactly what Adidas did. The well known brand hired our balls to help launch a new line of Adicolour merch. The new selection of trainers were placed on top of a ball pit full of balls to add a fun and interesting spin to their store display in East London. It’s definitely a unique way to promote your product!

Virgin Holidays

Now here’s someone that’s taking a dive into our balls and this one dove in deep. Virgin Holidays launched a Thameside ball filled pool ready for Tom Daley to dive straight into. The pit was then free to use for any passers-by who wanted to jump in and have a little fun. Those willing to get involved could even be in with the chance of winning a holiday!

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