Keeping It Clean

Keeping It Clean

“We always take extra care when we clean the actual pits themselves.”

Keeping It Clean

Germs and passing things on is always on everyone’s mind when it comes to playing in large groups or even just sharing things. Ball Pits tend to fall into the presumed category of ‘unclean’ but we can assure you that ours are a completely different story. This week we’ve decided to give you an insight on how we clean our balls. We must say, they are pretty squeaky clean balls.

How do you even clean thousands of balls?
Now you must think that cleaning each ball is an impossible task – so how is it fulfilled? Well we’ve got ourselves our very own ball pit cleaning machine! Our machine sucks in every ball straight through to a giant brush which puts every ball through a specially prepared cleaning solution. They then head straight into a netted bag and to all of your amazing parties.

What solution are the balls cleaned in?
We like our balls to be rid of as much germs as humanly possible so we use chlorine tablets when it comes down to cleaning our balls. The chlorine tablets are added into water where the balls all pass through.

What about the pits themselves?
We always take extra care when we clean the actual pits themselves. A specific ball pit cleaning product is sprayed all over the pit and scrubbed. The pits then get wiped down with another spray and clean cloth which gives us time to focus on any extra tough marks on the pit. So we’ve got it all pretty covered!

There you have it, not so dirty at all. So now there are zero excuses as to why a ball pit isn’t something you need in your life.

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