Here Comes The Ball Pit Bride

Here Comes The Ball Pit Bride

“You can burn at least 170 calories just by playing in a ball pit”

Here Comes The Ball Pit Bride

Weddings – let’s be honest who doesn’t love them! Starting from traditional wedding ceremonies to getting married whilst bungee jumping, we’re always looking for the next big thing to do. Wedding planners really have their work cut out for them and we’ve decided to give you the best wedding idea ever – BALL PITS. And don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of ball pits to go around!


Taking a whole day out to attend a wedding? No gym for you, and you can forget that diet because there’s plenty of wedding cake to go round. Now what if we told you we have the perfect solution for you to enjoy that cake and still lose weight? You guessed it right, ball pits at a wedding will help you with your fitness goals! You can burn at least 170 calories just by playing in a ball pit. Don’t let that pre-wedding diet go to waste.

Picture Perfect

Did you know, studies show that play and relaxation helps get your creative juices flowing? Well, get a-flowin and a-rollin with balls! Ball pit shenanigans are the best way to capture candid moments of all your guests having the best time. Dive into the pit or throw the balls in the air, rest assured you’ll get your picture perfect or cheeky instagram boomerang moment for your wedding album.

The Look

We believe so much that a ball pit is well deserved at every wedding, so we went and had ourselves a wedding pit made. Ball pits are full of colours which may not fit into the perfect wedding image you may have had in mind but there’s always the option to stick to white! Grab yourself a large white ball pit and chuck in our pearl and clear balls and you’ve only gone and given yourself the classiest playtime ever.

Take Em’ By Surprise

It’s always lovely to see a traditional church wedding, the class, the meaning, the atmosphere really does create a beautiful day but let’s not just impress them let’s surprise them. Jump into one of the pits and read your vows from there? Walk down an isle full of multicoloured balls? You could even fill the entire room with our balls! You’re guests would never expect such a thing and trust us when we say it shall be a moment they shall never forget.

So there you have it, ball pits really do have a place at every wedding. It’s a nice day for a ball pit wedding!

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