Ball Pits VS Nightclubs

Ball Pits VS Nightclubs

“Our large pits can take up to 40,000”

Ball Pits VS Nightclubs

You ever been out on a night out with your friends, walked across the dance floor and have to take a double look because you see a ball pit in the distance? Yeah that’s us 😉 Free for everyone that comes, you can spend your whole night in one of our pits and get all the pictures you need for those instagram feeds. This week we’re giving you an insight into what it’s like putting ball pits into all your local clubs.

Getting to you
Clubs love to hire our largest ball pits from us to ensure you have plenty of space to relive your childhood for one night only. Our large pits can take up to 40,000 which is insane when you actually think about it, so getting the balls to you is weirdly as simple as a Luton Van.

Setting it up
Clubs equals stairs and if there’s one thing you don’t want to do is carry all those balls up them. But not to worry we have staff for that, you just jump in and enjoy! Once we’ve carried all those balls up to the desired room our pit is attached to a huge fan and blown up, balls emptied in, safety signs up and we’re ready to go.

It’s Ball Pit Time
Drinks to the side and shoes off, dive straight into the pit. You and your friends can spend so much time as you like in our pit, that’s as long as you follow our rules of course. We’re all adults here ! Oh and we stay for the whole night so everyone gets their chance to play!

Fun is over, it’s time to go grab your kebabs and stumble home, but it’s time for us to pack it all up. Our staff scoop all of the 40,000 balls back into the nets, deflate the pit, roll it up, then it’s back down the stairs we carry, into the van and all the way back to our office!

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