Ball Pit Alternatives

Ball Pit Alternatives

” For hours of fun you’ll definitely need one of these “

Ball Pit Alternatives

So we take it you understand by now we’ve got plenty of balls, right? Well we thought we’d give you a break this week by offering you some alternatives. Now let’s imagine it, you’re organising your dream event and of course you already have the ball pit to go with it. What more could you add you ask? Well let us show you ….

Foam Pit

So a little similar to a ball pits, a foam pit would be a huge inflatable coloured pit filled with tons of our huge foam blocks. Now this is where it gets a little more exciting, it’s run and jumping time. Put your foam pit at a lower level and jump right in, or if you’re brave enough get the tallest platform you can and give it a go. It’s diving time!

Basketball hoop

Who doesn’t love a bit of competition at a party, whether its dad against son or the Grandma against Grandson that battle is on. We have a huge brightly coloured inflatable basketball hoop and we even have the squishy yellow footballs to go with them. With enough space for 2 hoops this is how you get the games going. 1v1, so who’s it gonna be?

Hook A Ball

The carnival is in town and we’ve brought balls. Fancy challenging your guests to win some prizes or just a little bit of friendly fun? I mean we’re all winners here! Try out our life size inflatable hook a ball. Just plug in one of our provided fans and hook it up and the balls afloat, grab a net and hook away! Who can get the most balls? Well, why don’t you find out!

Giant Dart Board

Ready, set, aim, fire! Nerf guns at the ready as we play target practice. Our giant inflatable dart board comes with a set of nerf guns and nerf bullets with velcro ends to stick to the dart board. For hours of fun you’ll definitely need one of these.

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