The Best Home Ball Pits

The Best Home Ball Pits

” Your child will learn balance, hand-eye coordination, and key motor skills “

The Best Home Ball Pits

We’ve created a list of some of our favourite home ball pits!

Foam Ball Pit

This ball pit is made of foam and comes in either pink or grey. It is more stylish than a regular ball pit and will fit in perfectly with most nursery furniture. It is small enough that it will easily fit in a nursery or playroom. The soft structure will protect you from getting hurt and is short enough that your child will be able to climb in and out by themselves. It also includes 200 balls.

Fire Truck Tent and Ball Pit

This is a fire truck shaped tent that can also be used as a ball pit. Your child will love playing pretend and using their imagination in this tent. The sides are high enough to keep the balls from rolling out and there’s a door for your child to get in and out. The whole thing folds up easily into a little case that you can take with you anywhere you go.

Princess Basketball Ball Pit

This is a fun and girly take on a simple ball pit. It has cute stars and hearts decorating the bright pink and white panels. It also comes with a basketball hoop, so your child has somewhere to play with and throw the balls. Your child will learn balance, hand-eye coordination, and key motor skills. This ball pit is a great size for young children that can fit two children with room to play. It completely folds up and comes with a little, matching carrying case.

Simple Tent Ball Pit

This ball pit is simple and easy to use. It acts as a ball pit or a tent, so your child can have their own, private area for play. The door rolls up and hooks at the top, so you can easily keep an eye on your child. The front opening is high enough to keep the balls inside, while still being low enough that your child can easily step over it. The tent has colourful circles that decorate the sides, just like the balls decorating the floor. The fabric is durable and is easy to wipe clean. It also folds up nicely and has a case for storage. This is quick and easy to put up or take down and can travel with you wherever you go.

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