Ball Pit Game Ideas

Ball Pit Game Ideas

“Keep it cute like Rita Ora and show off that pretty face”

Ball Pit Game Ideas

So you’ve bagged yourself the perfect ball pit, now what shall you ever do in one? Believe it or not you can play games anywhere you are so why not try a load in a ball pit? In this weeks blog we have got plenty of game ideas for you to try out with friends and even some games for the little ones to enjoy. Games night all round!

You’ll definitely be swimming in a deep pit full of balls so why not make it a little more realistic and add some inflatables in there to help you float 😉

Keep it cute like Rita Ora and show off that pretty face. It’s most certainly a show stopper so bury the rest of you and poke that head straight through our balls.

Time to make it fashion! Pick the perfect colour for your pit and match your outfit to go with it. Who needs a catwalk when ball pit hire exists?!

Wave your hands in the air like you just don’t care and THROW SOME BALLS! Action shots are the one!

Fill your bath tub up with our balls, bubbles have never been so colourful and we all want some!

Tried out any ball pit pictures of your own? Show us in the comments below 🙂

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Ball Pit Game Ideas

Everyones always looking for the way to get that insta perfect picture, receive a ton of likes and may even become that little but famous :') Ever thought of adding a ball pit into the mix? Sounds crazy but think about it, it isn't a hugely copied photo so time for some uniqueness! We've got some instagram ideas for you guys to try out so take your pick and then grab your pit!

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